Sunday, January 13, 2013

Scattered, Unfocused, Look there's a squirrel!

Okay, here it is the second week of January gone and I have not published any more posts.  I have felt very very unproductive.  Naps and eating and obsessing on Pinterest have frittered my time and energy.  
I have only had about a 75% success rate with my New Year resolution to keep my kitchen sink clean. I have not even gotten to the "shiny sink" part yet. My second goal for 2013 (twenty-thirteen, btw), to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in 365 days, is going better, although it is not the first thing in the morning.

My most recent Pinterest obsession is free-form crochet and I have tried a bit of a scrumble.  However, I need to actually complete some already in progress projects and fulfill some commitments.
Namely, finish two prayer shawls and make greeting cards to sell for my church's Talent Challenge. I also need to get back to decluttering  and prepare for next weekends Westminster (MA) Firehouse Crop.  Plus to do my normal duty of caring for my mother and the two cats. Alrighty then,  I need to try to focus and avoid the scampering squirrels.

Here's to productivity! Salut!

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