Thursday, January 17, 2013

Speaking of Gratitude and Generosity

Happily, I can report a modicum of success.  I have one prayer shawl completed.  I finished my Claudette Scarf and I have only missed one day of my Bible reading plan which just meant reading a bit more the next day. YAY!  The clean dishes are not sitting  in dishwasher for days, but being put away.  Still, I  need to work on having the sink clear of dirty pots and pans, at least before bed.

I am grateful I had both boys home over the holidays.  DS#1 just left. He is heading back to law school It is only 1 and 1/2 hours away, but he doesn't come home often. :(  DS#2, who came home from Afghanistan on Thanksgiving Day, is all set to start classes next week at the local community college. I am so proud of him.  :D

I wanted to share an idea from a lovely blog that I discovered today.  Megan at Lilac Saloon  is hosting A Year of Giving. I like how she explains that giving is an end product of gratitude and that giving is not just about money. For this month the prompt is comfort.  This ties in nicely with a small  group study my church did last autumn called Extravagant Generosity by Bishop Robert  Schnase. The devotional book can be seen here or purchased here.  I had shared with my small group how I struggle with being generous. So, to the end of becoming a more giving person I am all in and I invite anyone to join me in this challenge.   Prayer shawls, baby blankets, hot cocoa and homemade soup are things I will be giving away this month.  

Generously yours, 

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